Italian-Desserts litter lagotto

"Italian desserts"


L'Milmo de Luxe kennel is proudly presents the 

" I t a l i a n   D e s s e r t s"   l i t t e r 

V i v i  la  vida  loca  del  F a t a l b e c c o  was a perfect Mom for the first time in 2019, and now she is ready for her secound litter. We hope the temperament of the puppies will be so specialy good again like they were related to her first litter. She is the mother of our beautiful boy, Tango. This time we choosed our other handsome male for her, the multi champion R a d i v a  b a b y  G a l i l e o. He is a healthy little boy with big heart and superb temperament. They were succesful in the show ring, both of them got the InterChampion title, too. The wonderful Lagotto Romagnolo babies will be born on March 2020.

Vivi is owned by us and bred by Federica Mencagli and Poggini Alessandro (IT)

Galileo bred by Iveta Litakova (SK) and owned by us. 


Radiva baby


(imp. Slovakia)

HD B, ED 0

JE free,  LSD free

Furnishing F/f

Eyes Free (2020/09)

47 cm

Junior Champion of Croatia

Junior Champion of Montenegro

Hungarian Junior Champion

Slovenian Champion

Croatian Champion

Hungarian Champion

Austrian Champion

Slovenian Grand Champion

International Beauty Champion


Vivi la vida loca del Fatalbecco- Vivi

(imp. Italy)

HD B, ED 0

JE free, LSD free

Furnishing F/F

Eyes Free (2020/09)


Junior Champion of Croatia

Junior Champion of Austria

Junior Champion of ITALY

Junior Champion of Hungary

Junior Champion of Slovenia

Hungarian Champion

Slovenian Champion

International Beauty Champion

pedigree of puppies


The pregnancy is confirmed by the ultrasound. 

Important! We currently sell puppies to countries where they can travel at the age of 9 weeks! ( We can't sell now puppy to US)



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